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The Blackwell Science Ltd provides a range of services. They range from publishing services, writing coaching, manuscript development, and book promotion products.

International Publishers

Publishing starts as early as the consultation stage; it starts from the first contact with the publisher until the book produced. A mutual understand between the author and the publisher is established and understanding the author’s publishing goals. The company offers the author a consultant who serves to ensure the right production steps are then.



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Blackwell Science publications can be simply ordered online. Just browse to the product you are interested in and place your order at the click of a button.


We provide technical solutions and automated processes for use in Production Departments throughout the Blackwell Publishing Group.

Ghostwriting services

Everyone has the liberty to publish something if one has something to communicate. Books are built from an idea or a finished manuscript; as such mentors can help the client build content and present them to an individual to publish them as their own. Blackwell publisher has a bunch of ghostwriters who handle medical, Scientific and technology books.

Writing coach services

The writing procedure is not an easy one. The process of putting an idea together and presenting them as one can be challenging. At some point, authors can struggle in their journey and require assistance. Blackwell publishers come in handy to provide a writing coach. By creating time and scheduled appointments, the author and the coach discuss everything concerning the book including style, structure and how to keep the publishing process on track. The coach further reviews the author’s work and provides substantive critique and suggestions on the work.

Book promotion products

At the end of the publishing journey, there must exist a mutual benefit between the parties involved. At the end of the day, the author and the publisher must benefit financially. Subsequently, communication between the parties’ remains and commission obtained from the sale are paid through electronic cards, money order or through PayPal. PayPal is the safest and fasted option, used by many businesses like as their preferred way of paying.

Packing, shipping and customer service is done where package and ship orders are done from the warehouses. Additionally, the company incorporates printing on demand and web-to-print options to minimize cost. Moreover, this website is mainly sponsored by individuals and online casino companies. Read more...
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Information to authors

Blackwell Science publisher is a leading international publisher in the science, medicine, and technology; as such author must conform to a number of guidelines sent by the company to produce quality work. Some of the policies in place regulate multiple dynamics in the publishing industry. Authors are therefore advised of the following policies.