Information to authors

Editorial Policies

It is the only manuscript written in English or those translated to English are accepted for consideration and only documents which have not been previously published as a whole or partial and not currently under consideration for publication are considered. Manuscripts can be submitted either online or in person at the company’s offices adhering to the following.
Plagiarism. The company has a zero-tolerance policy towards this vice in their publications. Manuscripts are checked for plagiarism before, during and after publication and if detected, the document is rejected. If the publication is already in circulation, it is withdrawn from the market and the concerned author is notified to take the appropriate action.
Laboratory Animal. Report on animal testing is an ethical issue thus a statement indicating that the procedure was done in accordance with stipulated guides from an internationally recognized institution is a requirement. The sex, species, and genetic background of the animal and a detailed description of the experimental procedures, including anesthetics, must be provided in the method section of the submission. Additionally, if ethical considerations are in question, the author will be responsible for the mistake and/or failure to adhere to pre-set guidelines.

Publication Charges. Articles published by the company are open access and full texts appear in the company’s databases. This makes the publications available to as many people as possible. Charges on publications are only charged if the manuscript is accepted for publication. Moreover, there are no submission charges. Instructions and payment procedure are sent to the author’s email whereby they can be paid through credit cards and bank transfers. These charges cover publication cost payable after the manuscript is accepted.

Manuscript Preparation

Preferably, the manuscript should be submitted in a digitized format and an appropriate scientific uniform formatting style should be followed. Basically, the manuscript needs to poses the universally accepted elements which include Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion, Artwork and Table with visual illustrations. Videos and other supplementary materials should be submitted when submitting the main manuscript. Additionally, the document should be divided into elaborate sections. The manuscript should not be below 2500 word and a maximum of 200 references are acceptable.

The author is also advised to use an inclusive language the respects diversity respects all people, sensitive to differences and promote equality. The article should not promote superiority based on race, sex, culture or other traits. Presenting stereotypes in an article is unacceptable. The accepted language is English but passing the language test doesn’t guarantee approval of the manuscript where costs incurred are met by the author.


The Blackwell Publisher must have a portal where the author completes am online publish form. Submitting your work at the company means that you are the author of the material submitted. As such, the company may retain your email address the communication purposes of the article under review.

Open Access Option for Authors

Blackwell publishers prove its author to put their work under the open access database. This is only possible if the author accepts to pay a fee to the company. This will ensure that the publication is free to access especially on the online platform. Further, the production is of such articles are in .doc or PDF file for compatibility with different hardware accessing the document. Moreover, if the author opts out of the open access option, the work is published with standard subscription-based access at no cost