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Osney Mead
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Translated Offprints
For enquiries about having articles translated
Contact: Kevin Anthony

Journal Permissions
For permission requests for material published in Blackwell Science journals
Contact: Kevin Anthony

Book Permissions
For permission requests for material published in Blackwell Science books
Contact: Sarah McCrae

Specific Queries

For all media pack enquiries and details of charges
Contact: Julie Joyner

Author Offprints
For author offprint enquires
Contact: Sarah Young

For journal offprint and reprint enquires
Contact: Julie Joyner

Foreign Rights
For enquiries about foreign rights and translations of books and journals
Contact: Sue Mattingley

Specific Queries

Journal Publishing
For journal proposals and general enquiries about journal publishing
Contact: Allen Stevens

Journal Supplements
For enquiries regarding supplement proposals, and requests for specific quotations
Contact: Jan Roberts

Journal Sponsored subscriptions
To find out how your company might sponsor bulk subscriptions to this journal
Contact: Jan Roberts

Book Sales
For all trade enquiries
Contact: Edward Crutchley

Book Publishing
For book proposals and general enquiries about book publishing in the following areas, please contact:

Science: Delia Sandford

Medical: Andrew Robinson

Veterinary Medicine: Antonia Seymour

Other (Aviation, Engineering and Construction, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Food Science and Chemistry, Nursing and Allied Health): Jon Walmsley

Book Marketing
For information about our range of books
Contact: Edward Crutchley

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