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Blackwell Science Ltd, UK
Blackwell Science, Inc., Boston, USA
Blackwell Science Asia, Australia
Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag GmbH, Germany
Blackwell Science KK, Tokyo, Japan
Blackwell Science Europe, Paris, France


Blackwell Publishers, UK
The Blackwell Group, UK
Fence Creek Publishing
Munksgaard, Denmark

The company’s mission is “To impact scientific literature in a modernized way” and their vision is “To be the leading publisher globally”. The company boasts of the products they offer like publishing products and services, writing coach, ghostwriting and book promotion products. Over the years the company has gain popularity and has become a publisher of choice to many authors who wish to be part of the growth. As proactive measures and ensure the smooth running of the company’s activities, it has developed safety, health and environmental policies that ensure progress and safer working environment. Additionally, it retains its staff portfolio and core team details.

Blackwell Science is a leading international publisher that was established in the late 60’s and was name after its foundering father McDonald Blackwell. It was started as a printing company but later attained the requirement of a full publishing entity and published its first book in 1972. The company’s location is in New York, 154, New street and can be contacted at anytime. Additionally, the company hosts a site, at Black-well and their email us at

As a leading publisher, the company has won different awards and certificate and the recent one being the Publisher of the Year 2017 award. Additionally, the entity is certified by all regulating publishing authorizes and awarded a certificate of merit as a champion option to authors.

Operating any business requires positive feedback from the clients. Therefore, it is only when clients talk about the company’s products to other that it builds network. Testimonials from Blackwell authors are an ideal pivot towards success.

One testimonial reads “Blackwell publisher placed priority on my ideas and incorporated vast expertise in publishing my manuscript ‘Scientific Progress’ ”. Such feedback will make other potential authors choose Blackwell as it considers the author’s input in the publishing process.

The company markets and sells up to 2.5 million copies of different authors annually attracting an average of 5 million US dollars. The amount is then distributed to respective authors in accordance with prior contract agreements. The publisher also employs over 500,000 personal either as copy editors, printers and ghostwriters. Moreover, through the partnership with the media and other stakeholders, it has helped in be traceable globally and this makes business easier. It is only through established relationships that a company grows and Blackwell has perfected in the art.